Hot water heaters & tankless water heaters

Cold shower? No thank you!!

Own your own hot water heater for as low as $1049.99.
Stop renting and start owning. We can show you how you can own your heating system for as low a 4.5 years renting. 

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Issues with your hot water equipment can be a nightmare, almost a panic state of “when will it be fixed?”  

Good for everyone that parts for your hot water equipment are readily available to get you back up and clean again. 

Issues with your hot water heater can range from leaking, no hot water, not enough hot water and sometimes even dirty or smelly water. 

Installations of anti-scalding mixing valves are available.

Tankless water heaters are becoming popular but the companies that repair them are few and far between. They are a computer that makes hot water on demand. These modern heaters come with an array of problems but Camo Gas Repair has dealt with them all and is more than willing to help you. 

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