Fireplace Repair & Service

Annual Fireplace Maintenance & Cleaning

So your natural gas fireplace pilot won’t stay on? Fireplace won’t start? Can’t see the flames through the glass? These are all common problems in your fireplace. One call guarantees Camo Gas Repair has a solution to whatever problem you may face.

Let us get that fireplace glowing bright again, Extensive knowledge of all fireplaces, new or old will get the heat back in your favourite room. There is nothing quite like the glow of a fireplace to brighten your mood. 

If you like to learn, then you've called the right company. With every fireplace repair we walk you through the process and show you what is broken, through TRUST and HONESTY we continue to grow our very happy customer base. Never feel unsure again call Camo Gas Repair now.

Remember to have your natural gas fireplace cleaned and inspected annually for your safety. 

Due to the large bright and beautiful flames produced by your fireplace, the inside can get quite sooty and dirty, not to mention those flames contain carbon monoxide and corrosive elements. Annually maintaining the fireplace ensures it looks great and reduces the damage the harsh corrosive build up will cause, make sure you don’t  “etch” or stain your glass. Also every cleaning comes with operation tests and finished off with a carbon monoxide test to ensure safety for your family.  

Your home is our home. Great care is taken to protect your living space, large thick drop cloths are used to ensure the mess in your fireplace does not become the mess in your favourite room.

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Servicing all make and models. 

Knowing your fireplace is safe for your family makes the glow that much brighter.

Knowing your fireplace is safe for your family makes the glow that much brighter.

Fireplace installations & Variations

Gas Log Fireplaces


The most beautifully stunning and realistic fireplaces you can have. Keep the natural beautify of your current fireplace mantle but switch to the convenience of Natural Gas. Gas Log Fireplaces require a real wood fireplace chimney that you would like to convert to gas. concrete realistic logs rest on a "iron cradle" or grill, below the cradle is a bed of glowing embers that shine extremely bright while the fire flows through them giving them the appearance of a real wood fire.

Gas Fireplace Inserts


 Want to convert from your wood fireplace to a natural gas fireplace and provide heat to your room? Then a Gas Fireplace Insert is what you are looking for. Large glass viewing widow to watch the flames dance with small quite fans to warm up the room quickly. Direct Vent Inserts are available and recommended in basement installations due to the natural lower atmospheric pressure in your basement.

Gas Stove or Pedestal Fireplaces


Nothing gives that nostalgic feeling of a traditional gas stove fireplace. Perfect country feel on a stone backdrop or ultra clean and modern straight lines of the newer styles. A model to fit any room and décor. They can be installed practically anywhere which makes them incredibly versatile. Best solution when you want heat in any room due to the open 360* design.

Zero Clearance Fireplaces


Don't have a wood fireplace to convert? Still want that fireplace? Have an idea in your head of an amazing hearth & mantle design? We want to hear it. With a zero clearance fireplace you can design almost an wall idea you want. (within reason and code) Normally installed in a corner to cut down on the amount of living space lost. With very large viewing glass and built in fans you can heat  up your favourite space up in no time.

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces


My personal favorite. Add amazing ambiance and elegancy to your outdoor sitting area with an outdoor fireplace. A new favourite spot to relax and have your coffee while feeling the warmth around you. Entertain your friends & family and show off that backyard paradise.

Outdoor Gas Fire Pits


These are not your simple outdoor tabletop fire pits that run on propane. These are large and realistic camp fire pits. Normally a base of circular retaining wall stones make up the foundation then a large stainless steel tray is installed. A large burner is installed on the tray which is covered by realistic concrete hand painted logs. Controlled by a switch you have a instant campfire.